A fine cup and stand of elegant proportions, decorated with a blueish-white Qingbai glaze, which deepens to a blueish hue where the glaze has pooled. The stand has a tall, flared foot below a dish with an everted lip, supporting a dais with a raised rim. The deep, well-proportioned cup stands on a narrow, flared foot.

The colour and glossiness of this glaze is a result of firing in a pine-wood fuelled reducing kiln (with possibly the addition of a little iron). The body is a high-fired, off-white porcelain typical of the Jingdezhen kilns of this period. Its hardness and whiteness are indicative of the addition of kaolin, which would minimise shrinkage and allow for finer, thinner-walled pieces to be produced.

A similar cup can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, no. C.490-1918.

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