The company was founded in 1925 by Samuel Sydney Marchant (1897-1975). Initially situated on Cursitor Street near Chancery Lane in the city of London, it held a large stock of Oriental art, but also dealt in arms and armour, paintings and continental porcelain. In 1952 it moved to its present address at 120 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BH.

The trading name was Marchant from 1925-1936 when it was renamed S. Marchant & Son with the birth of Richard Marchant. This name was retained until 2009 when the partnership reverted to its original name of Marchant.

Richard Marchant joined his father in 1953 and it is from that time the partnership specialised only in Oriental art. He was elected treasurer of the British Antique Dealers Association from June 2003-2005.

He then became Chairman for four years until 2009. He was the Chairman of the Oriental Vetting Committee at the Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair for ten years until 2009 when the fair closed. Marchants exhibited at the fair from 1975-2009 and also for eleven years at the international Asian Art fair in New York. Stuart Marchant, the third generation, joined the company in 1985, after five years apprenticeship. He is now the main buyer.

The specialties are Imperial Chinese Ming and Qing porcelains, jades, cloisonné, pottery and works of art. Emphasis is placed on rarity, quality and provenance.

Exhibitions at their gallery have been held since 1980 accompanied by scholarly catalogues. Most entirely illustrated in colour with introductions by John Ayers, former curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Marchant pride themselves on fine pieces that have passed through their hands, many now in major museums and collections worldwide. Services that can be undertaken are valuations; advice and commission bidding at auctions around the world; buying and selling private collections.

Simon Abraham-Gregory joined the company in March 1988 and is the gallery manager.

In 2011 Natalie Marchant joined the firm as the fourth generation and specialises in the photography of the catalogues, website managing and advertising, as well as accompanying Richard and Stuart viewing auctions. Samuel joined in 2015 and is learning the business from Stuart and Richard.

Marchant由Samuel Sydney Marchant(1897-1975)先生於1925年建立。公司原址位於倫敦市中心的Chancery Lane上,主要經營東方藝術、兵器、繪畫以及大陸瓷器。而於1952年公司搬遷至現址:120 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BH。

從1925年開始,公司使用Marchant 作為名稱,直至1936年隨著Richard Marchant的誕生,公司改名為S. Marchant & Son。而於2009年,公司重新啟用Marchant作為名稱。

1953年,Richard Marchant先生在正式加入公司並把公司的經營集中於東方藝術。在2003至2005年間,Richard Marchant先生被選為英國古董商協會的財務主管,並於其後四年擔任該協會主席一職至2009年。另一方面,他連續出任Grosvenor House藝術與古董展覽會東方藝術審查委員會主席長達10年至2009年該展覽會結束。而Marchant從1975年始參與Grosvenor House藝術與古董展覽會至2009年,並前往紐約參與國際亞洲藝術展覽會長達11年之久。Stuart Marchant先生作為家族第三代領導人,在完成其長達5年的見習期後,於1985年正式加入公司。如今,他和Richard是公司的主要買手。


從1980年開始,Marchant定期在其展廳內舉行展覽,並出版相關圖錄。展覽圖錄均配以彩色配圖,並由John Ayers先生(前維多利亞與阿爾伯特博物館策展人)撰寫引言。令人自豪的是,許多經由Marchant挑選的精品現存於世界各大博物館以及著名的私人藏家手中。


Simon Abraham-Gregory先生於1988年3月加入公司並成為公司不可缺少的管理人。

2011年,Stuart的女儿Natalie作為家族第四代加入公司,主要負責圖錄拍攝,網站管理,廣告投放,並陪同Richard 和 Stuart出席拍賣會。她的弟弟Samuel於2015年加入公司,向Stuart和Richard學習經營管理。


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